New Adventure [v0.3]

New Adventure

You are a young man who has decided it's time to move and start a new life, a "new adventure" as you have grown tired of the life you had been living and your surroundings, it's time to start a new job, live somewhere new and meet new people‚Äč


New Adventure:-

You are a young man who has been unhappy with his life since childhood, and decide it's time for a new life, a "New Adventure" in which you decide to start over with a new job in a new town, from here things take an interesting turn, you meet many friendly females, who may or may not become close with you.

The addition of certain Fetish type content may become part of the VN if you all so wish, however that will come at a later date and will run a poll on whether to add this kind of content or not.

If you wish to give feedback or like to report any bugs or just join the supportive community, feel free to join our discord, you'll be able to find me there.